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Commissioner Mark Shull's Resignation

Mon, Jan 18, 11:34 AM

Dear Chair Smith, Clackamas County Board of Commissioners and County Administrator Schmidt: NAMI Clackamas unites in solidarity with other nonprofits, elected officials, and other social justice-minded businesses and individuals to call for the immediate resignation of Commissioner Mark Shull. We condemn his horrifying pattern of bigotry and hate towards many of our friends and neighbors who call Clackamas County home and for whom he was elected to represent.

Mark Shull’s documented racism and ignorance goes against NAMI Clackamas’ mission, vision, and values of help, hope, acceptance, and community. His words have caused irreparable harm, endangered our residents, and cannot be tolerated. Therefore, NAMI Clackamas asks that Commissioner Shull resign immediately.


Michele Veenker, NAMI Clackamas Executive Director and the NAMI Clackamas Board of Directors

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