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Uplifted Youth


Because of support from people like you, NAMI Clackamas has been able to provide no-cost classes, presentations, and support groups through trained facilitators who share their lived experience, recovery plans, and resources.

Since the start of the pandemic in March, we have served

people with life-saving information through online classes

people in crisis through weekly and monthly online support groups

The promise of 2021 holds many reasons for optimism tempered with the knowledge that there is an incoming mental health “tsunami” that needs our attention. We’re asking for YOUR support so we can continue to provide the accessible and no-cost support so desperately needed in this time of crisis. There is so much hurt to heal.

Did you know you can give monthly? By selecting a recurring, monthly donation amount you are contributing to the longevity of NAMI Clackamas by guaranteeing regular support. You will see the long-term impact and become part of a community of regular donors.



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Bob's Story

“People don’t understand what it’s like to be in this darkness. When I found NAMI my confidence improved, my self-esteem got better, I felt less lonely, and I had a purpose for being here. My new life had started.”

Bob | Peer Volunteer Facilitator


“NAMI is an absolutely wonderful organization. They deserve your support because they are making a HUGE difference with people with mental health issues…and one day that might just be you.”

Sabrina | Peer Volunteer Presenter

AMY's Story

“We need to end the silence and open the conversation about mental illness so that it becomes as comfortable to talk about as a broken leg.”

Amy | Peer Volunteer Presenter

Senior Businesswoman



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