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Changes to scheduling vaccine appointments via the Vaccine Information Tool (chatbot) go into effect

March 1, 2021

Contact: OHA External Relations,

Portland, OR — To help alleviate the challenges people have faced attempting to schedule a vaccine appointment at the Oregon Convention Center, the Oregon Health Authority and the All4Oregon health system partners will change the process for appointments via the Vaccine Information Tool (chatbot), starting Monday, March 1, 2021.

As of today, adults who are 65 and older will become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. But adults who are 65 and older, and most people who are eligible for vaccines in Phase 1A in the Portland metro area, will no longer be directed to the chatbot to schedule appointments at the Oregon Convention Center.

The change does not apply to people with mobility issues, who will continue to be able to access appointments at the Portland Airport Red Economy Parking Lot drive-thru clinic through the chatbot. Educators in the Portland metro area and people who live in Marion County also can continue to find appointments through the Vaccine Information Tool.

The change does not impact people who have already scheduled vaccine appointments at the Oregon Convention Center, the Portland Airport or the Legacy Woodburn Health Center.

All Oregonians, including senior adults age 65 and over, can sign up to be notified about vaccination events when they are eligible at the Get Vaccinated Oregon signup tool. The Get Vaccinated Oregon (GVO) signup tool can be found at

The new appointment scheduling process for eligible older adults who live in Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah or Washington counties, will be based on names being pulled from the Get Vaccinated Oregon tool.

On a weekly basis, OHA will use that GVO tool to electronically scramble the names of all eligible older adults in the metro area. OHA will then send a list of names to All4Oregon that matches the number of vaccination appointments available for scheduling.

All4Oregon will contact individuals to schedule their appointment.

Due to limited supply, not everyone who is eligible will be included on the weekly list. All eligible groups who want a vaccine will get a vaccine over the coming months.

All4Oregon is the joint effort of Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health, OHSU and Providence to collaborate in operating the mass vaccination clinic at the Oregon Convention Center.

As more vaccines become available, vaccine distribution sites will expand to more locations, such as retail pharmacies, outpatient clinics and other sites linked to hospitals and health systems.

The additional vaccine and additional sites will help address the challenges people are experiencing as high demand exceeds the limited supply.

Older adults and anyone who needs help better understanding the scheduling options are encouraged to call 211.

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