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If you haven't mailed in your ballot yet, don't!

Oregon is a vote by mail state, but at this time in order to safely ensure that your ballot is received and counted on time drop your ballot off an an official drop box! Ballots must be dropped off by 8:00 PM on election day.

Find your local official drop box in Oregon here:

From health care to the economy to criminal justice and more, mental health touches many of the issues that you might care about the most. When you cast your ballot, you #Vote4MentalHealth, whether you realize it or not.
Across the country, people are voting on mental health in 2020. Every elected official – from the president and Congress to county commissioners and city councilmembers – has influence on issues impacting people affected by mental health conditions. Your vote matters.
When you take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth, you commit to understanding how your vote impacts people with mental health conditions and how you can act. When you pledge, we’ll send you information on how to vote in your state and steps you can take to understand where candidates stand on issues you care about.

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Más de 32 millones de latinos son elegibles para votar en las elecciones del 3 de noviembre. Vota por tus hijos. Vota por tu comunidad. Vota por tu futuro. Vota por aquellos que no pueden votar. Vota por tu salud, seguridad y bienestar. #VotaConmigo

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NAMI Clackamas supports Measure 108

NAMI Oregon and its affiliates, including NAMI Clackamas, support Measure 108: Increases tax on tobacco, introduces tax on vape products.


  • NAMI Clackamas supports Measure 108 and encourages members and allies to vote in favor.

  • Referred by the Oregon Legislature as part of a financing package to fund continued Medicaid (OHP) expansion.

  • Maintaining Medicaid expansion is among NAMI Oregon's top priorities.

  • Tens of thousands of individuals and families with significant behavioral health needs received health insurance coverage due to Medicaid expansion.

  • Without continued funding, those Oregonians could lose coverage and be uninsured.

More information here:

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