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Invisible Me.

Holly & her therapy companion Jasmine

NAMI Clackamas congratulates longtime volunteer Holly Oberg who is a participant in the Portland Art Museum’s display entitled Invisible Me. Invisible Me is an installment of the Museum’s rotating exhibit called Object Stories and is on view until June 17, 2018.

The Invisible Me installation examines invisible disabilities and draws museumgoers’ attention beyond what they immediately notice about a person. Invisible disability is an umbrella term for a wide range of chronic physical, cognitive, and neurological conditions which cause a person to struggle with daily activities. Because symptoms of these conditions often go unobserved, people with invisible disabilities are easily judged, dismissed, and left feeling invalidated.

Each participant’s story is an account of how they came to terms with very personal conditions and figured out how to move forward. Their personal objects and stories are combined with visitor reflections to question conventional perceptions of disability and its impact in our lives. Each participant has made a three-minute video telling their story, available on the PAM YouTube channel.

In Holly’s video, she says: “What I’ve realized now with my Bipolar I is the danger I face after a manic episode when I crash and go into screaming depression... One thing that really, really helps me, and it’s helped me, gosh, as far back as I can remember—I make lists. I have lists. I have journals of lists.”


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