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Ending the Silence.

Many adolescents in middle and high school experience mental health challenges that are ignored and overlooked, and some obstacles become unmanageable. For too many teens, the prospect of living on can become exhausting and undesirable, and the only answer seen is to stop living­ complete suicide.

Some make it to the other side of these dark moments into adulthood-- but not without help. At some point, there was someone who came alongside, lent a hand, and helped to shine a light into the darkest places by being there to help carry the weight of life.

Is that you? Perhaps someone you know?

While the choice to share the story of such a personal experience is not easy, by sharing your own story, you can become a light in someone else’s darkness.

At NAMI Clackamas, we offer an opportunity for you to help lead middle and high schoolers out of their darkness through our Ending the Silence program.

If you experienced these mental health challenges in adolescence, or have a child who did, we invite you to consider helping end the silence and the stigma by sharing your story and risk being a light in a young person’s life.

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