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Join NAMI Clackamas in Reviving "Digital Civility"

Tuesday, February 7th was Safer Internet Day and in recognition of the event Microsoft, is challenging everyone to treat others with dignity and respect online. The internet needs to be a safe space for its users and we at NAMI Clackamas are fully embracing this challenge. It is our sincere hope that our members, supporters and followers will do the same. Join us in pledging to follow these guidelines:

1. Live the Golden Rule.

I will act with empathy, compassion and kindness in every interaction, and treat everyone I connect with online with dignity and respect.

2. Respect differences.

I will appreciate cultural differences and honor diverse perspectives. When I disagree, I will engage thoughtfully and avoid name calling and personal attacks.

3. Pause before replying.

I will pause and think before responding to things I disagree with. I will not post or send anything that could hurt someone else, damage my reputation, or threaten my safety or the safety of others.

4. Stand up for myself and others.

I will tell someone if I feel unsafe, offer support to those who are targets of online abuse or cruelty, report activity that threatens anyone's safety, and preserve evidence of inappropriate or unsafe behavior.

Learn more about the "Digital Civility" challenge and the study that inspired it here!


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